About Us


Myself Ipsita, the owner of this food blog ” Easy life for Everyone”. I belong to an Indian family and started cooking at the very young age.
From my childhood, I used to help my mother in the kitchen in her everyday cooking. She was a great cook for me. I can say that she laid the foundation for me. With this opportunity, I started cooking at the very young age with common Indian home foods initially and later on started experimenting with other cuisines also.
Through my mother’s kitchen, I become familiar with the ingredients, spices and different cooking techniques or processes.
In 2010 I got married and I lived in many cities in India and abroad also. Therefore I had an opportunity to explore the food culture of other communities also, which helped me a lot to enhance my cooking experience.

To share those cousins and to refine my experience further I started this blog.
This blog is not only about the recipes but also with easy tips to prepare them. Also, you will come to know about different spice blends and how to prepare them at home without any hurdle, so that you can make a healthy recipe for your family. Sometimes many are fond of cooking but couldn’t start thinking that its a hectic job. But I am sure this blog will help them a lot to overcome this and you all can enjoy different delicious food recipes around the globe at your home.

  • This blog is about  Easy healthy Recipes from all over the world.
  •  ‘DIY’ solutions for everyday cooking Spice mixes.
  • All recipes are tried and tested.
  • Learn on our blog how to make veg and non-veg Delicious Indian recipes.
  • Learn Cake and cookies baking recipes. Mouth-watering appetizers.
  • Curries, desserts and much more with step by step Procedure.
  • Our all Recipes are simple to make for all ages.

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